Wednesday, January 31, 2007

could do a lot more

I was looking at some people's blogs and man they sure have creative ways of doing things. like this one guy, he basically has a casino bonus business. he recruits people to play bonuses and he gets a share of the profit. funny thing is he makes it sound like a real business using expressions like investments, clients, consulting when it is just playing games. but i guess it works, huh, and thats what matters in a cap i have a lot of experience with casino bonuses and it really seems something i should do. really the older i get the more i realize that you can do so many things not just have some normal job and retire at 65.

also thinking a casino bonus business, not very productive and obviously kinda screws the casinos and loyal players as they lose money from the all the bonus players. but really business is just about making money in the end, not necessarily bettering the world. for some reason, i've had a hard time accepting that.

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